In Memory

Robert Kaufman

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07/10/16 01:05 PM #1    

Lynda Kaiser (Slotky)

So sorry to hear about Bob.   We also  went through elementary school together.  Because my maiden name began with a   K   we were always next to each other alphabetically .  RIP

07/16/16 02:56 PM #2    

Patricia Slocum (Kronlein)

I'm sorry to hear about Bob too. I ran into him a bunch of years ago at the Urbandale Plaza and we had a good time catching up with each other.  Just don't know when this happened.....Pat Slocum/Kronlein

07/17/16 10:13 PM #3    

Dave Blaskie

I knew Bob when we were junior high and high school students. And I recall him as easy going and doing his best to get along with peers. Bob might not have been a BMOC (Big Man on Campus) yet despite the passage of decades, I recall him vividly as if he had been.

08/08/16 10:33 PM #4    

Dave Blaskie

This post surely won't be personally flattering. Still, I include it to give classmates an impression of how classy Bob Kaufman could be. In late Spring 1965, at the end of our junior year, I initiated a confrontation with Bob though he had never wronged me. We agreed to "have it out" in a vacant lot across from the high school. Well, the results weren't what I hoped for. I was told I managed to land two punches. Apparently Bob landed the rest. The "fight" concluded, the victor offered to shake my hand- a gesture I should have made. I  mean, I was the vanquished. I refused to shake hands.  That displeased Bob. He challenged me to a rematch. I declined as I felt I had been Bob's punching bag long enough. As fate would have it, I wore a very prominent black eye when I was working behind the counter at Geno's Pizzeria. Three men, who appeared to be in their thirties, began to razz me about that. I attempted my version of the fight's outcome,"If you think I look bad, you should see that other guy. He was crying by the time I was through with him" To which one of the men responded,"Yeah, he was crying because he felt bad about what he did to you" However I soon learned Bob had shed his anger toward me, though there surely was no need for him to do that. So, with all that considered, I assert that Bob Kaufman really was a classy and nice person and hope classmates regard him as such.

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