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•   Tim Gardner (Gardner)  10/14
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•   Bill Ryan  5/21
•   Sharlot “Shar” Cosek (Hill)  2/4
•   Michael Anderson  11/25
•   Kristina Lapham (Keats)  9/20
•   Leonard Krisak  9/6
•   Linda Tundevold  8/29
•   Donna Cate (Brown)  8/6
•   Gerard Marshall  12/14
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Lakeview High School
Class of 1966


Hello Classmates,

Now that the 50th Reunion of the Lakeview High School class of 1966 has concluded, members of our committee are in agreement that this event was not the grand finale of bringing our classmates together, it is just the beginning.  We received many compliments from those who attended and regrets from those who could not make it.  That’s why we want to meet again in five years and most of our reunion committee want to make it an even better event.  We learned a lot from previous reunions (both from our events and other schools’ events) and applied them to the latest reunion.

With the passing of these many years we have learned that the present and the time ahead of us is the most valuable.  We have learned to appreciate meeting old friends and other classmates who have many interests in common with us that we never knew before.  That is why the few scheduled events at different venues created a spontaneous atmosphere of introducing ourselves for maybe the first time to other classmates.  It was magic and meaningful.  To that end we don’t want it to end so we are planning to improve our data base of classmates, reviewing other locations for our next event and considering other activities (barbeque, picnic, bus tour…etc.).  Your ideas on how to improve the next meeting is welcome.  Please go to our reunion website:  and join if you are not already a member.  This site will remain active where you can post personal information should you choose.  Remember, this is not designed to reflect on the 50th reunion, but a way to grow our data base for the next reunion.  Your participation in joining the website is important.  None of the information that you share with us will be shared with any other people or agencies.  We know that our numbers are declining so we want to be able to contact everyone in our class for the 55th and we may need your help. 

The gratification of serving on the committee was that we created a great event while building a lasting bond with hardworking, good people who share a common goal of giving.  It was an enjoyable experience and we all look forward to pitching in again to create another atmosphere of positive memories.


LHS 50th Reunion Committee


Too long ago to remember if I skipped school ( which I doubt). I became more of a rebel in college ( during the late 60's) and continue to be such as a mature (sort of) adult. I have had a most interesting life ( and still do). Proud mom of 2 grown millenials, (a daughter who was a successful actress turned attorney); I was a teacher ( now a virtual learning tutor during C19) an interviewer of holocaust survivors.... (thanks to Steven Spielberg's foundation). My most proud accomplishment are my two grandsons! Love them to the moon and back.
Also proud of the town I grew up in, with very good memories, which shaped me into who I have been for the past several decades.
Wish you all a happy and healthy journey in this event called life.

Lynda Kaiser Slotky

After all our activities and especially the tour of the "old" high school, it seemed normal to see all your faces. Now I have to go through missing you all again.
Have a great summer and always remember:
" What us got?
Us got a lot!
Us got a team that's (clap) Red Hot!"


Thanks to the Reunion community for our great reunion. I imagine it was like planning a large formal wedding: you obsess over every little detail for over a year and pray for good weather.
After all your work, the big day arrives. Your planning and praying pay off.
The you realize the the day is still just 24 hours. You go through it in a kind of dream state and don't remember how it took a year to plan.
The day ends and you wonder why you worried
about anything.
Go Spartans!

Diane Dickey

wow I keep reading all of you that are hikers and backpackers, must be all us Michigan people or or age group. I moved to Colorado because I have a job for the last 20 years ( and I'm not giving it up plan to keep working) that sends me all over the world but I only have to work 6 months out of the year. giving me lots of time to backpack, bike, hike,or jeep old trails, most of the summers. I hang out a lot in the badlands of South Dakota, Moab Utah or Yellowstone Nat. park and only 30 minutes from Rocky Mountain Natl Park plus lots of Natl. Parks all across the US and Canada. my email is so any of you come out my way I'm always looking for someone to go into the back country and explore so contact me and lets do it


I am from Sweden and was an exchange student at Lakeview 1965-66. I am sorry I do not have the possibility to come to the reunion. I am away on vacation with my husband, children and grandchildren during the time for reunion.

I live in Sweden, in the countryside, some miles from a town called Orebro. We live in a small farm and have some horses and a dog. We have two children who now have their own families and we have four grandchildren, all girls.

I am a childpsychologist and have worked with children with different handicaps. I have now retired.

I hope you all will have a very nice reunion!

Lots of love
Marianne Alén (Adler)